Monday, August 25, 2003

Oh What a feeling!!

Finally, the day has come, and we have a new camera. We finally broke down and bought a seperate still camera, instead of continuing to use our Video camera to take our stills with. Even though it did have the capability of taking an almost 1 MP picture, it is bulky and troublesome to upload onto the computer. Besides, I think the model we went with, and it's 5 MP pictures, is just a teensy bit better. Check out my first day with it in the form of the movie of Breanna singing to her favorite song.

Another milestone happened this weekend when the guy from Comcast went to my parents house and connected them to the internet. They are finally online, after only 7 years or so of my constant badgering to try to get them to connect. It did take my picking out a computer for them, but they were the ones who wanted high-speed broadband access so I tip my hat to them for that. If your going to do something, you might as well do it right. I started their online journey by e-mailing them that clip of Breanna. I think they are instantly hooked. Welcome online Mom & Dad.

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