Saturday, August 23, 2003

Recent Comment

The site owner paid me a visit today and left this comment regarding my post a couple days ago:
The drawings of aliens on my website are authentic. They are what I say they are. Alien abductions are real. See Dave Jacob's website, for information alien abductions.

Reality check on your side, not mine. That's why there is a website of the drawings.
Right, and kids have never been known to let their imagination run wild before, right? Ahem, McMartin Trial, hem, hem. I'm not blasting these kids either, don't get me wrong, I'm merely stating that kids are very impressionable, and TV (especially cartoons today) are feeding them with the imagery they need to imagine this type of thing. I am a parent myself, and realize when I'm not spending enough time with the children by the way they act, and the stories they come up with. Imagination is a great thing for kids to have, but it's us adults that hold the key to them feeding too much into their imagination, crossing the line between reality and imagination.

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