Friday, September 19, 2003

Friday Links

Who's loved? That's right, I am. Upon reading this post, Marcy grabbed two boxes of Cookie Crisp instead of one, and now I'm happy. Cookie Crisp in my belly, what time is it again? Oh yes, time for another linky good time because it's Friday. It's also International Talk Like A Pirate Day, but we're not going there today. Unless you speak gangsta that is, cuz I've got a little buried treasure for ya, dar.

Everybody else come with me. Where are we going you ask, well to the land of disco of course, Stealth Disco that is. That's right, impress your friends and coworkers without them even knowing.

Hey, stop throwin stuff. Alright, alright, you want games...I got games. Plenty of them. Our first game answers the question, how far can cows fly:

The Flying Cow - Flash

And if your still unsure about the flight ability of barnyard animals, why don't you try some chicken throwing, huh:


What's that you say, bossman comin your way, well then hurry up...go here:

The Office Space

Not quite sure what this one's all about, but it did keep me occupied for quite some time, even though I couldn't read a thing on the site:

Here's a game for you "attention to detail" types. A Find the differences game that's a little frustrating to say the least...don't say I didn't warn ya:


Last but not least, I bring you a game sure to make you relax and, and throw your monitor over your cubicle wall, hitting Stan the copier boy and crushing his scull because it's just so much fun:


There, now don't you feel better...I know I do. Until next time.

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