Tuesday, September 09, 2003

More from the RIAA

They are at it again, more subpoenas have been sent. Are you on the list? Find out here:
EFF: RIAA Subpoena Database Query Tool

This previous website also has tips on how not to be caught by the RIAA and continue file sharing...but I have some issues with their methods. The website instructs you how to turn off the file sharing as it is only the people that are sharing these files that the RIAA is sueing. I've even heard it on the radio, that by turning off the sharing feature of file sharing clients, you will remain safe to download music or files and not get caught. Now, if everyone was to turn their sharing off, would anyone be able to download any files at all? Also, what is stopping the RIAA from targetting the downloaders next. If there's noone else sharing, they'll go after everyone who logs on and does a search to find files to download. Simply turning off sharing of your client is not a valid way to stay away from being sued. It completely undermines the purpose of file sharing anyway, doesn't it. The reason you can get any file you want is because someone, somewhere, is sharing that file. Feature turned off, no files.

What can you do?? Fight legally. Turn off your service for now and fight to make file sharing legal. Otherwise, you'll be next in line to be put on the list.

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