Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Classic Gaming Systems

Which gaming system did you own as a kid? No, I mean before Nintendo. These classic ads may take you back and jog your memory. I had the Intellivision. Little did I know that George Plimpton Digs Intellivision

George Plimpton says Intellivision is far superior to Atari. Just look at those super-sophisticated graphics. Why, you can practically see the beads of sweat on that baseball pitcher's forehead.
You read that right, it says "Super-sophisticate graphics".I was given the system as a Christmas present. It was the best present I had ever received and I played it for years. That system lasted for at least five years. They sure don't make them like they used to.

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Dave2 said...

From Atari I skipped Intellivision and went to ColecoVision!

Though I must say that Intellivision is a great name for a system.

theMike said...

The neighborgs had Coleco Vision....we would fight (argue) all the time over which system was better.