Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Building a Better (and less expensive) Cat Tree

Cheap TreeWhen theWife and theDaughter picked out theKittens, we went to the store to pick up necessary kitten items and we bought a cat tree. It was cheap, but the cat's didn't seem to mind. They constantly played on it, even if it would fall over while they tried to climb to the top because it was pretty cheap. TheWife, however, kept an eye and ear to the blacktop, looking for a better solution for her babies.

After looking at the local pet stores, we found that cat trees are very expensive, and usually made pretty cheaply for the stores. theWife did not get discouraged though, she simply moved her search online.

There she found a multitude of better cat trees. Of course, even without taken shipping into consideration, they are very expensive. The ones we liked run $300. Sure it is extremely cool looking and appears to be much sturdier than the store bought versions, but $300 is $300 and definitely more than we wanted to spend on a cat tree. theWife was not quite ready to give up though.

Due to our recent successes with another project and the use of power tools, we decided that it would be much more economical and fun to build our own, better, cat tree. With that decided, theWife procured the materials during the week and we got a start on it last weekend. We're currently halfway through it, what do you think so far?

Cat Tree Cat Tree

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jaynedarcy said...

That's a beautiful job! I wish that my husband or I had some carpentry skill so we could do that.

theMike said...

Thanks, I appreciate that, especially since most of the skill here belongs to theWife. I'm mostly just the hired help.