Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Real Life Reverend Henry Kane

As my regular readers and those close to me outside of this blog will attest, I am very rarely serious. Especially on here. I have to be serious enough in my offline life that I've always wanted to keep things loose and entertaining here.

That changed as I watched Fox 8 news on Tuesday night.

They aired a piece that they kept promoing throughout their newscast. A story about a pastor and his congregation rejoicing in the deaths of American Soldiers. Fred Phelps and the WBC are protesting at their funerals with signs that proclaim the dead soldiers were "burning in hell" and that "God hates America". Literally spitting on the American flag and in the faces of the families of the deceased, claiming that the American Army is a "fag army" and only in death do soldiers get "what they deserve". Having done my part and served my country, even though it wasn't during a time of war, you can understand how enraged I was watching this story unfold.

I had to do more research. This story stayed in the back of my mind all night and into the next day. I turned to wikipedia for more information and found this picture of Fred:

I found my reprieve. I was able to find a little more humour in Fred's plight because, look at him. Doesn't he look just like that creepy bad guy from Poltergeist? Is he going to take his followers to California and then hide in a cave to live through the end of the world that never happens? I mean c'mon...they could've been seperated at birth. Then I read the article further:
Four of his children, his sister, former congregants of his church, enemies, acquaintances, and other pastors who have worked with Phelps claim that he abuses both his children and wife, and his two estranged sons claim that Phelps may have been instrumental in the death of his 17-year-old daughter-in-law Debbie Valgos (the first wife of his son Fred Phelps Jr.), who was not supportive of Phelps' teachings.
How come it always seems like this type of holier-than-thou ignorite (yes I just made up my own word) always seem to be complete scumballs in their own lives. Running around pointing a finger at every one and everything except themselves. I just have one thing to say to you Fred Phelps...If I burn in hell for not adopting your teachings the way you say I will, at least I'll be able to beat the living snot out of you every chance I get, for all eternity.

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adam said...

Good post and excellent thoughts. That guy is a nut case and he gives every ordinary crazy pastor like me a bad name!

theMike said...

Thanks, but I don't think he gives anyone a bad name, he just proves how easily one can completely mess up interpretation. That's all.

Zach said...

To me he looks like a cross between that creepy preacher from Poltergeist 2 (Did we see the guy in 1?) and the Tall Man from the Phantasm movies.


theMike said...

He wasn't shown in 1, so that is the guy I am talking about. I had forgotten about the Phantasm guy and his little ball. He was creepy too.