Monday, November 07, 2005


Saturday, theWife and I took theKids to Put-In-Bay, which in case your not from around this area is an island in Lake Erie. I had never been there myself, so I was expecting a tourist trap. What we found out, on the contrary, was that almost all of the stores and restaurants had closed up for the season. This meant that all of the normal tourist traffic also did not show up. They all missed a beatiful day.

Having the whole island to ourselves, pretty much, meant that we got to see the whole island. We rented a 6-passenger golf cart for the day, and cruised (if you can call the golf cart cruising, although being passed by a local on a bicycle was pretty embarassing) around all day long. Highlights of the day, included walking around a Peace Memorial, skipping rocks on the Islands rocky beaches and eating our packed lunch without being rushed for our table. Their was a winery there too, but I would definitely not call our visit there a highlight.

Of course, we took the camera along with us. Check out the whole set of our day, or view some of my favorite scenery shots we took in:

DSC05502 DSC05434
DSC05454 DSC05478
DSC05494 DSC05508

Daily Links:
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