Friday, November 18, 2005

Ready or Not, It's Here

White CristmasIt's been twelve years. Twelve years since I could look out my window at home or at work and see snow. Twelve years since I've had to drive home from work in snow. Twelve years since I've had a White Christmas. And if you think that's a long time, theWife and other members of theFamily have never had these experiences. Until now.

On Tuesday night our house was assaulted by heavy winds, but the temperature outside was a comfortable 70 degrees. I was beginning to wonder if our first snowfall would ever come. Wednesday morning, however, mother nature heard my request and dropped the temperature into the 40's by the time I left for work. Then she did one better by dropping it into the 30's by the time I left work and into the upper 20's Wednesday night.

First SnowSnow flakes started to lightly fall out of the sky, but the snow would get no heavier than that. Yesterday, however, while I was at work, again, the snow decided to pay me a visit and remind me just what Cleveland winter is all about. Mother Nature's way of saying welcome home.

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jillmalitz said...

I would be happy with just one day of a good snowfall. Alas, this is Houston, ain't gonna happen.