Friday, August 27, 2004

Life Stereotyping

You may remember our family's recent obsession with board games. We may be playing the wrong ones.

My daughter has grown fond of the police officer career in the Game of Life. That is all she wants to be and she usually gets it too. Recently, her and my father-in-law, who happens to be an ex-police officer himself, were at a doughnut shop, when she turns to him and says:

Breanna: I want to be a police officer when I grow up?
F-I-L:Really, that's great, why?
Breanna: Because then I can eat all the doughnuts I want.

This is one stereotype that you can be sure that my daughter has not picked up from me or Marcy. Let's look at the game of Life a little closer though shall we? On the card, there is a picture of two police officers, one of them eating, pause for tension, you guessed it, a powdered doughnut. But as if that's not bad enough, the player who gets to be the police officer in the game, and the main reason Breanna likes to be the police officer, collects $10,000 from a player every time that player spins a 10 for "speeding". So this is the perception my daughter now has of police officers. They eat a lot of doughnuts and they take bribes from people who speed. Great. Thanks Milton Bradley.

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