Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Tuesday is Chooseday

Without being able to mentally function yet this morning, I bring you:

tuesday is chooseday
Would you rather:
  1. lose your keys OR your wallet?
  2. I'm gonna have to go with my keys on this one...I can always get another one from a locksmith, but I can't have the mint remake any cash that is lost.

  3. run your fingers down a chalkboard 15 times in a row OR lick ten feet of sidewalk?
  4. I'm a semi-germaphobe so even though I hate the chalkboard, I'll have to choose it here.

  5. referee a WWE wrestling cage match OR get in a fist fight with your mother-in-law?
  6. Are you kidding me? My M-I-L is a Libra like me...we'd try to talk each other out of it.

  7. be the inspiration for the movie "deliverance" OR the movie "gigli"?
  8. Depends on which character in deliverence...Ok so I can't relate to any of them...I guess I'll have to go with (face contorted in pain) gigli.

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