Friday, August 20, 2004

The Well Is Dry

Well, It's finally Friday, and I'm really feeling uninspired today. Today is one of those days I really, really wish I had a 4-day work week. I could use another 13 hours of sleep, roughly. So instead of boring anyone with my own incessant uncoherent blather about one thing or another today, I'll let other people bore you instead.

Buzz needs your help. He's lost his jeans and now he can't work on his car..or something like that, I wasn't really paying attention.

WTHWI is here for us. Use his experiences while you can. He's committed a proverbial sin, make sure you don't do the same.

TJ pointed out that if one wants to be insulted, one can be by the computer nowadays. What will they think of next...BTW, I can now be known as Hummingbirdwhacker Paraplegickicker. What are you?

btezra has entered some kind of contest in which he had to submit a picture that was taken with something he called film...I'm not too sure what he's taking about, but maybe you can help him out and vote for his picture.

Finally, some guy named Mike wants you to join his fantasy football league. He sounded pretty desperate if you ask me, but I guess he has 6 teams in the league, but they need at least 10, or something like that.

If you still bored, go check out some of the links I put up in my sidebar last night. Ok, I think it's time I go get ready for work, so have a good, safe friday. Take it easy today, I wouldn't want anyone hurt before the weekend.

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