Thursday, July 15, 2004

Cat Reincarnated?

We have a cat. She's a typical family cat. She runs around the house, hides around corners and attacks feet as they walk by. She scratches up the furniture by the front door when she wants to go outside to go to the bathroom. Being spun in circles on the kitchen floor while she tries to get the hand that is spinning her is her idea of great fun. A typical family cat. Or is she?

There is one thing the she does that makes us wonder. She likes to sit on the toilet in our bathroom when anyone is taking a bath or a shower. We don't know what it is about the water, but she definately feels obligated to watch over us as we are in there, especially in the bath water. When Marcy or Breanna lean back in the tub to we or rinse their hair, the cat starts meowing and will put her paws on the side of the tub and peer in.

Last night the cat was at the foot of my bed while Breanna was in the bath, which does allow her a view of the bath. While Breanna was washing her hair, she slid and scraped her butt against the metal drain plug. She starting yelling ow, and I ran into the bathroom to see what had happened. Now I jumped and ran very quickly, but I was second to get there. The cat was already there peering in, then looked up at me and starting meowing, as if to say "she's hurt, get her out of the water, do something".

This behavior may stem from a sense of protecting her family, but could there be more? Is it possible that a person or creature could be reincarnated as a cat? Maybe in a past life she either suffered or witnessed a bathtub drowning and somehow she remembers that experience, making her ever vigilent of us in the bathroom?

Or, maybe she just really like us.

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