Thursday, July 22, 2004

What I Learned

Aren't training sessions at work great? Especially when they are state-mandated. Yes, the kind the good old state of California deems important enough to make an acronym out of and force every employee in our industry to go through. I love 'em. I can't get enough of 'em. I.....Ok so they suck. But at least I came out of today's drool session having learned something. Let's see here, what did I learn...

I learned that if you combine regular soda and pool cleaner, you will produce chlorine gas which was used in WWI against alied soldiers. The neighbors needn't piss me off now.

I learned that body chemistry works in amazing ways. For example, kids have found out that by drinking a standard floor stripper solution, yes I said drinking, the human body will take it's active chemical, GBL, and turn it into GHB, a designer drug.

And most importantly I learned that hazardous waste videos are so boring, that even the instructor falls asleep.

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