Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Cleveland Sports Fan Proof

Last week I posted about being a Cleveland sports fan. Seams to be a much talked about subject lately, especially by ESPN who has recently ranked the sports cities by their franchises.

In ranking Cleveland, one can definately see the torment. Most of Cleveland worst moments are tied to their best moments: - ESPN 25 - City standings: Cleveland

After proclaiming Cleveland as the most tortured city in the land, ESPN reviews the 10 worst moments in Cleveland Sports history: Page 2 - Mistakes by the lake

Then, just for a little fun, ESPN reviews why Clevelands torture will go on for another 100 years: Page 2 - Cleveland's torture will continue

There now, wasn't that a fun trip. Alright, everyone with me now....."Maybe next Century". Of course, I do believe that it will get better in the very near future. Why? Because I'm a Cleveland fan....that's why.

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