Friday, July 30, 2004

Easily Amused

Let it never be said about me and my family that we are hard people to amuse. No matter where we are, we can usually find something to do to keep ourselves occupied and entertained. Especially if we find ourselves waiting for something, like say at a fast food restaurant or ice cream shoppe.

Our normal game occurs at Carl's Jr. At CJ, when you order your food, they give you a number on a plastic, two sided, v-shaped placard. You then sit down at a table and wait for your food, which is brought out to your table. We found that this plastic number thingy can be turned into a game by placing your fingers at the corners, pushing them down and rapidly letting go. By doing this the placard will spring up and maybe, if your lucky, land standing up. Everyone takes a turn and we keep going around until the food arrives. Whoever get the most successful "landings" wins.

Last night we found a new way to entertain ourselves. We went to DQ last night and all ordered blizzards. Now as some of you may know, the blizzard takes a long time to make, especially when there is five of them to make, leaving us with a good deal of time to kill. When we sat down at a table to wait, there were a couple of straws, still wrapped mind you, on the table. Michael unwrapped one of the straws and blew it across the table, and a new game was born. In this game, all five of us try to keep the straw from going off the table near our seat by only using the wind in our lungs. We did not keep score, but this might be a game that sticks with us, when we don't have plastic numbers to flip around that is.

See, it doesn't take a lot to have fun with your family, as long as you are easily amused. Tell me, what games do you play?

Current Stats:
Time Smoke-Free: 6 days, 7 hours, 40 minutes and 33 seconds
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 63
Lifetime Saved: 11 hours
Money Saved: $12.35

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