Thursday, July 08, 2004

If you build it, it will fall

Part of my morning ritual has me going by Breanna's room to wake her up and say goodbye before I go to work. She doesn't really wake up this early in the morning, but at least she will be easier to wake up when she has to, to get ready for school.

This morning's visit brought a surprised conversation. After I said my goodbyes to her closed eyes, like usual, she snapped them open. She then told me that when "they" build stuff, it gets old and falls apart. Then "they" need to build it again.

Any idea I may have gotten from her about who "they" are was then lost as she closed her eyes again and went back to sleep. It's a rather strange thought to wake out of a dream with for a six year old, but she probably wont remember, even our conversation. She has said some things waking in the morning that indicate she has some pretty vivid dreams. I wonder if that's a good thing...

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