Friday, July 09, 2004

Just a Hard-Luck Cleveland Sports Fan

URL: Boozer double-crosses Cavaliers

This is so not good for all of us Cleveland Sports fans. But then again, we should not be surprised, not in the least. Cleveland sports fans have been dealing with heart-ache time and time again for the past half-century.

Boozer was supposed to be part of the Cavaliers return to the playoffs. I can't say return to glory, because they have never acheived glory, more on that later though. What's worse is that he gave his word to the team and to the city that he would remain in Cleveland, if we let him out of his contract, of which he would have earned a measely $790K, so that we could sign him to a bigger deal. Oops. Gotcha. Boozer is just the latest in the last decade, since the dawning of free agency, to spurn Cleveland for more money. The Indians sure can attest to what that feels like, ahem, Albert Bell, Manny Ramirez, Jim Thome, ahem.

Anyway, as I was saying, we as Cleveland sports fans should be used to this heart-ache. The Cavaliers have never been to the NBA finals. The Browns have never been to the Super Bowl. The Indians have been to the World Series, but have not won it all since 1948. In fact, from 1954 to 1995 the Indians did not even reach the playoffs. All we have are images of heart-breaking losses that have been deeply burned into the roots of our memories.

Images such as Jose Mesa crumpling on the mound after giving up the game-winning hit in extra innings of game 7 in 1997 against the Marlins. Images such as Michael Jordan soaring over Craig Ehlo to hit the game winner, "The Shot", and advance to the finals giving the Bulls their first NBA title. Images such as Earnest Byner fumbling, "The Fumble", as he was heading into the endzone to score the winning touchdown which would have sent the Browns to the Super Bowl over the Broncos in 1987. Images such as Elway marching the Broncos 97 yards, "The Drive", to send the 1986 AFC Conference Championship in OT where they beat the Browns by a field goal and went on to the Super Bowl. Stop laughing JStu. Stop lauging Peat.

So after all this torment and heart-ache, is losing Carlos Boozer really that big of a deal? Maybe not, we still have LJ. But, it is another knuckle in our rib cages, grinding away at our collective hearts at which I have to say, thanks Booz. Thanks for reminding all of us Cleveland sports fans what it means to be a Cleveland sports fan. Thanks for reminding us the meaning of our favorite motto, "maybe next year".

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