Monday, July 19, 2004

Moderation Part 1

Moderation, when done in moderation is a good thing, right? Everything is said to be good when done in moderation, so why not moderation itself too? But, wouldn't that leave room for excess? Wouldn't that make a little bit of excess good? Where do we draw the line between moderation and excess anyway? Why do I care? I don't know, like the category says, I'm just rambling this morning.

Between watching Bowling for Columbine for the first time, and reading my book, The Da Vinci Code, there are so many possible topics that I could share my opinions on, it's just all jumbled in my head, so I'm rambling about something completely unrelated to any of it. I figured that I would share some of my weaknesses, and ask in turn what are yours?

Coffee, I drink up to 5 cups a day. That may not seem like that much, but I'm not talking about small cups. The 2 cups I'll drink at home are in a normal size coffee mug, but the coffee cups I use at work and the large styrofoam type. I'm trying as of late to cut back to one of those huge cups o' caffeine per day at work and succeeded by drinking water after that one cup 3 out of 5 days last week. Not bad, but I've heard this stuff is no good for me at all. Either is smoking, but I won't go there just yet.

Soda. Soda is a great weakness of mine. Once lunch rolls around, I shift my caffeine intake from coffee to soda. At my worst, I'll drink four sodas from lunch time to quitting time. Not only does this practice put a hole in my wallet, but I'm sure that it's also putting holes elsewhere too, like in my stomach lining perhaps. If there's soda at home when I get home, I'll continue drinking it here as well. On a weekend day, if there's a two-liter around, I've been known to drink it in a day, easily. Once I open it up, I usually can't stop myself from constantly refilling my glass.

That's all for now, maybe I'll continue this tomorrow, as I do have several more to write about, but now is time for work. Maybe I'll apply moderation to this topic and not revisit it though, that is unless I can't find anything better to write about.

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