Monday, July 12, 2004

Usual Deposit

On Saturday, Marcy and I took a visit up to our favorite wine country. This was a test for us because we are in the process of getting rid of all debt, which means spending money on things like wine is not an option. So why the trip? We are still part of one wine club there and we needed to pick up wine. There was also nothing stopping us from tasting, we just can't buy, so a little tasting is just what we did. Much less than usual, I'll have you know, and since Breanna decided she wanted to spend the day fishing with her papa (pics to come), we decided to have dinner on the way back home, at our friendly neighborhood indian casino. Gotta make the money to pay off the bills somehow. Red 35, woohoo, let it ride.

Now usually we approach gambling like we are donating money, because we know the chances we take. Like I said though, throwing money away is really not an option right now, good thing someone else is looking out for us, because we decided to hit the ATM, for a very small withdrawal mind you, and hit the casino floor running.

After several hours of mostly standing around waiting for the appropriate denomination of blackjack table, a goodish portion of our funds was "donated" to said charity. So we decided that it was time to go home with a little under 50% of what we started with, until I spotted our favorite machine on our way out that is. As I said, someone was watching out for us, as Marcy made the machine hit and gave us back our original withdrawal amount. With our money back in our pockets, we hit the door and headed for home.

Now I hope everyone learned a lesson or two from our experiences. One, wine tasting can make for a fun and inexpensive day as long as you are cheap and don't purchase any wine, no matter how much you like it and; Two, don't gamble that which you can not afford to lose, unless of course you intend on winning it all back just before you leave, or something like that.

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