Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Science & Technology

I have to start off by saying that I'm all for new technology. As an example, I did not get a chance to see the Indians game last night, nor did I hear the score. Instead of just reading about the game though, I can watch a condensed version of the game which shows me every pitch in which the ball is played. So not only can I see highlights, but I can actually see the whole game, without having to watch every pitch. Technology affords me many pleasures in my life that I don't know that I could live without. E-mail, this site, watching the Indians bullpen blow yet another save, errrr, my digital camera, my iPaq, my mp3 player, watching Hafner hit a three run homer in extra innings to go back up by three, yay, etc, etc.

Then I read a story like this:

When One Is Enough (Use User ID: creatures1 and password: creatures)

And I would seriously consider scrapping it all. This story is way too casual for my tastes. I was given up at birth and adopted, and have led a great life. From what I understand, their are people on waiting lists years long to trying to adopt, and here were two that could have been given to a couple who can't conceive their own. Yet, that might have been too inconvenient for this woman to carry and have all three, so she decided not to. I'm not "pro-life" in every circumstance, but science and technology made things way too easy in this case, to the point this woman is nonchalant about it.

If given the choice between all of my "toys" and not reading another story like that again, I seriously don't know what I would do. What would you do?

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